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Trinity Competitions

August 2015

Did you know that wearing am-wrap wrist wraps with cool colors and designs are scientifically proven to help you PR your lifts by 10%? Don’t ask questions, just go with it. And pick up some . . . 

am-wrap was founded in 2015 by long-time friends Amanda Fauver and Melissa Hawkins. Our mission is to provide custom wrist wraps to athletes as tool to increase strength and stability during gymnastic as well as Olympic lifting movements. Our custom wrist wraps are sewn locally, machine washable, and made from breathable 100% cotton fabric. We’ve increased the durability of our wrist wraps by reinforcing the fabric and cording with top-stitching, and finished off the wraps with durable, wide, knotted cording to anchor the wrap in place when worn.  See how easy our wrist wraps are to put on!

Secretly we both had dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, but our dreams came true when our love of CrossFit met our love of sewing. As fellow CrossFitters, we strive to hit PRs as often as possible, but early on, wrist stability and strength occasionally posed an issue. After observing what others at our “box” used for wrist stability/strength and then researching the different wraps available, we opted to put our sewing machines to work.

We personally tested our design along with Mike (Amanda’s husband) and loved the strength and stability we felt while using the wraps! Once the design was established, the fun part came, we wanted our wrist wraps to be unique. So, we set out to shop (imagine that, we’re women) for the perfect fabrics, patterns, and colors to reflect not only our personalities, but also those we observed around us. We didn’t stop there though, we also provide customized wrist wraps with gym logos for gym owners and offer a bulk order pricing discount. Contact us for more details.

who is am-wrap?

Amanda (the “a” in am-wrap) & her husband, Mike, have been married since 2006 and have 2 children, Josh and Addie. Both Amanda & Mike found CrossFit in 2012 as a means to improve their health and fitness. Today, Mike competes locally, while Amanda and the kids cheer him on! CrossFit has become a family affair.

Melissa (the “m” in am-wrap) & her husband, Jason, have been married since 2005 and have 2 little girls, Zoe and Stella. Melissa found CrossFit in 2012.  Melissa pushes herself every day to be the best mom, wife and athlete she can be.  Melissa also enjoys competing locally while her family cheers her on.

Melissa and Amanda

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